Introducing Rituals on the Rug

Welcome to Ma Wovens' Rituals on the Rug, a workshop series that embodies the mind, body, and soul.

Together, with many talented yogis, meditation masters, gurus, creatives, astrologers, nutritionists, end of life doulas, spiritual provocateurs, and many many more, we've created a holistic and inclusive workshop series.

Inspired by the Ma Wovens' Ritual Rug, as many of you know as a high-quality, handwoven, and absolutely one-of-a-kind yoga mat, we've created the workshop series to bring the rug to life. Through our Rituals on the Rug community we're excited to grow, share, transform, and transcend through diverse practices within the realm of wellness. We're open to exploring known and unknown practices and rituals from around the world with different philosophies and modalities welcome.
So, we ask, what is your ritual?
You can expect monthly workshops from different hosts through 2020-2021 on Ma Wovens' channels, typically held on Zoom. 100% of the proceeds (ranging from $10-15 USD) from each Rituals on the Rug workshop goes directly to workshop hosts. Be the first to know via subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Instagram and Facebook!

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