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Mason Brown
Love my mat

It took me a year of saving some of my eating out money to buy one of these mats but I'm so glad I did. Its beautiful and cozy and I have gotten a lot of good comments about the mat as well. It turns heads. You will not regard this buy. Promise.

Alyssa Perry
The ritual rug

I absolutely love this item! I have used it many days in a row now since receiving it. Having a quality yoga mat really helps encourage you to stick with your practice!

Anne Donadio
Different feel

I've been practicing yoga for 20 years and also an instructor for 5. I wanted to try the rug for a different experience. The Ma Wovens rug is well made and it is very pretty.
Using it for yoga is very different than a traditional yoga mat. The need to use Bandhas and support muscles to hold poses is essential on this mat. It's a good thing and I like having to get out of my comfort zone.

Tressa Yellig
Surprisingly light and lovely

I have only used the ritual rug a few times but I am really thrilled with how light it is and easy to get around. It’s really easy to fold and roll and air out after a class, I don’t worry about it getting anything else gross or having to do a deep clean. I am getting used to the feeling of the fabric between the rubbery parts and hoping it will soften with more use but overall it’s been great, really helps me hold a pose , even while plenty sweaty and it airs out and cleans easily. Loving it

Sally Swanson
The Ritual Rug

I feel more serene just looking at the ritual rug! And it is a spiritual delight to practice on (yoga, meditation). The touch of it, the craft of it feels better than other mats I have used. I love it!

what is your ritual