Digital Detox with Alison Wu

Throughout the month of March we have been exploring ways to disconnect from technology in order to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and nature. 

We are teaming up with Alison Wu of Wu Haus - an online space dedicated to whole body wellness, healthy eating, and self care - to commit to a screen free weekend! Will you join us?


On Friday March 26th at 5 PM until Monday March 8 AM we will be disconnecting from email and social media. 

Here's Alison to share more about this digital detox challenge. 

Starting Friday at 5pm until Monday at 8am, I invite you to join me in disconnecting from social media and email. This is an opportunity to take an intentional period of time away in order to re-connect with yourself, your surroundings and those you love more deeply.

During this weekend, incorporate nurturing practices that help you center and ground. Journal, meditate, practice self care, go on a picnic or a hike, make a new recipe, ride a bike, get lost in a good book, write a letter to someone you love, exercise. Find what helps take you out of your mind and into your body. Take this weekend to reconnect with the practices and activities that make you feel present and alive.

On Monday, take at least 10-15 minutes to write down how you feel, what you noticed, what inspired you and anything you want to incorporate into your daily routine moving forward.

As someone whose work revolves around social media, how do you create boundaries with your use of technology? 

I’m not always successful at this, but 20 minutes upon waking and 20 minutes before bed, I try to stay off my phone and computer.
When opening social media, I try to have an intention for why I’m using it. Less aimless scrolling. These days, I use it more to post or send messages.
I take notice of how social media is making me feel. If it’s not inspiring me or making me feel good then I get off of it.
When spending time with friends or family, I stay off my phone as much as possible, so I can be present and engaged with those I care about.
What do you see as the issues associated with screen use, either personally or in general?
Instant gratification mentality. Our phones and computers give us access to people and things whenever we want them. I think overall they make us less patient and more greedy and grasping.
Disassociation from reality. Constantly having a phone or computer in front of our faces makes it easy to disassociate from reality. These devices make us less aware and less present to what is going on around us.

    What do you find to be the practices that help you disconnect from tech, to ground and center? 


    Quality time with people I love


    Cooking/being in the kitchen/working with my hands

    Spending time in nature

    When you do take a break from screens for a time, what kind of benefits do you see/feel?

    More clarity

    Deeper connection to myself and a greater sense of peace within me

    I care less about social media and checking it as frequently

    Less anxiety/racing mind/negative thoughts towards myself 

      Will you join us this weekend in disconnecting from screens in order to find more peace and clarity?

      We will taking a break and checking in on Monday with reflections from the time away! 

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