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How do you wash The Ritual Rug?

We have a few recommended ways to wash your Ritual Rug, and maintain it's quality.

1) Spray down with an anti-microbial spray, wipe off, and hang to dry. (Our very own Ritual Rug Refresh Spray is coming to our website SOON!)

2) Spray with anti-microbial spray, and use a hose to wash down. Hang to dry. 

3) Wash in a bathtub with non-harsh soap, hang to dry. 

4) If your Ritual Rug needs a SERIOUS cleaning, you can put it in a FRONT LOAD washing machine, on a DELICATE, COLD water cycle. Hang to dry. We only recommend this a maximum of once a month. This method may cause slight changes to the quality of the rug over time. 

DO NOT DRY IN A DRYING MACHINE! This will cause significant damage to the rug.


Where are the Ritual Rugs made?

All rugs are handmade in India.


Is the Ritual Rug made with any animal products i.e. leather?

No! Our Ritual Rugs are totally cruelty free/ vegan. 


I sweat A LOT, will I have trouble with slipping on The Ritual Rug?

No! You should not have any issues with slipping our your Ritual Rug, even if you sweat, A LOT. The rug was actually originally designed to curb issues with slipping due to sweat, and we have actually found the rug works best when there is at least a little perspiration on the material. 



Returns after use will only be considered if manufacture errors are evident, and only within 14 days of use i.e. the binding tape is falling off. We will not take returns due to negligence of care. For instance, if the rug is left in temperatures over 110 degrees for a prolonged period of time, or washed in hot water and dried. This will cause damage to the Ritual Rug, but this is considered user error. 


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