Refresh Spray


The Ritual Rug Refresh Spray is the perfect way to keep your rug fresh and clean. You may also spritz the air for a calm and refreshing vibe.

• Easy to use - just spray and wipe clean

• Is naturally antimicrobial and antiviral

• Usable in any room- even as a hand sanitizer!

• Ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, tea tree & essential oils

• 8 oz. with a simple wide-spray nozzle


Color: Lavendar Mint

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Wonderful smell and seems to truly disinfect !

Adrianna Carr
Lovely Refresher

The Bamboo spray makes me smile every time I get a sweet whiff of that fragrance. I always wipe down my Ma Wovens yoga mat (which is all and more it purports to be) after my practice and then store it in my car, and the fragrance keeps on working for days after, besides giving me a beautifully refreshed mat. I highly recommend it.

Itay Neumann
Love it

The mint lavender one has a more subtle scent than the bamboo that doesn't linger as long, but both are great. They definitely keep bacteria at bay and keep my ritual rug stay fresh and clean!

Stephanie Price
Nice and fresh

I debated between the lavender and bamboo scents, ended up with bamboo. Wasn’t sure if I would like the scent or not initially but I sprayed it on my rug before class and I ended up loving the scent! It will be a new scent that I tie to my yoga rituals.

Nazish Muzaffar
Smells beautiful

Absolutely love the smell, my whole room is filled with it. I feel like I walked/meditating in a beautiful garden

what is your ritual