Ma Wovens

We are a handwoven goods company with a mission to celebrate, share, and invigorate the ancient hand craft of weaving. We collaborate with established, international weaving cultures and design innovative, sustainable, and versatile products that support a mindful lifestyle.

Ma stands for Mother Nature, our muse, and beyond our love for hand woven products, we place equal emphasis on respecting our makers, our customers and our planet by going the extra mile and only choosing the highest quality materials, and ethical manufacturing in order to offer premium, sustainable, non-toxic products for all to enjoy. We're so happy you found us!

The Origins of Ma

Ma was founded by Kelly Peyton, originally a painter, whose love of handwoven goods all began when she traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico for an artist residency. The idea for The Ritual Rug was later born when Kelly's love for yoga brought her to a teacher training, also in Mexico. During this trip, while surrounded by beautiful handwoven goods and immersed in yoga practice, the concept for a new kind of yoga mat was born. One that married the traditional woven yoga rug with modern materials to offer more grip, cushion and beauty. Upon returning home, Kelly enrolled in a weaving class, sliced up her yoga mat, and began making prototypes for what would eventually become The Ritual Rug.

With a passion and mission to intimately understand every aspect of what goes into our products, Kelly has personally traveled to and vetted every part of the supply chain that that makes up The Ritual Rug, and will continue to do so with all our products to come.

Kelly sourcing materials for the Ritual Rug
Woman in Hemp forest
Kelly and master weavers consulting about yoga mat - The Ritual Rug

The Ritual Rug

Sustainable Materials

The Ritual Rug is made from non-toxic TPE Foam, organic hemp, and has 33% less synthetic materials as a typical yoga mat. The TPE foam is an environmentally-friendly yoga mat material that is created through non-toxic manufacturing processes to create a lightweight, buoyant surface. It is made up of 15% recycled material and can be recycled into new TPE products.

Ethical Production

The Ritual Rug is ethically handwoven in Northern India (the birthplace of yoga) by expert artisans. Our manufacturers are GoodWeave certified, ensuring no child labor, fair wages, a safe working environment, and environmental standards. They were chosen over hundreds of other manufacturers due our shared values around ethical and environmental compliance.

Honoring Tradition

In addition to ensuring all Ma Wovens products are made with environmental and labor practices in line with our values, part of our mission is to contribute to keeping the ancient craft of weaving alive in modern times by illuminating the tradition and collaborating with the weaving communities of the world.

To learn more about our commitement to ethical manufacturing as a GoodWeave certified importer of handwoven goods, check out our article on the GoodWeave website here.