We are Ma Wovens

A small team of two passionate women, Kelly Peyton & Liz FitzGerald, based in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Our mutual love of handcrafted goods, yoga, the outdoors, and traveling brought us together as business partners. We strive to do things right and have a shared vision of building a sustainable and ethical company.

Ma Wovens Owners Kelly & liz sitting smiling on couch
Ma Wovens founder Kelly

This is our founder, Kelly.

And this massive grin, although incredibly sweaty (it was about 110° in New Delhi that day) marks a very exciting moment. She just witnessed master weavers turn her amateur Ritual Rug prototype into a masterfully crafted PRODUCT. It was the moment that she realized that her dream of creating a sustainable, handwoven yoga mat was TRUELY possible! It was a good time. Welcome to our founder's story.

An artist by nature,

and avid yoga practitioner, Kelly always had an issue with the typical yoga mat. Sweaty hands are not the friend of a rubber surface, and no matter how much she spent on a mat, her problem of slipping persisted. She resorted to purchasing a towel, which quickly became smelly and part of an unsustainable cycle. During yet another slippery yoga class, the epiphany hit; what if the yoga mat material was interwoven with fiber, to help stop the hands from slipping?

A floor loom was purchased, her expensive yoga mat was cut up into strips, and after years of prototyping and MANY yoga classes later, The Ritual Rug began taking formation.

hand woven yoga mat on loom
Kelly sourcing materials for the Ritual Rug
Woman in Hemp forest
Kelly and master weavers consulting about yoga mat - The Ritual Rug

Our Mission

We value people, tradition and the hand. Our mission is to support communities around the world that continue their beautiful tradition of hand-crafted products and to nurture these cultures through collaborating and designing innovative products that can be shared with the modern consumer.

Man in India hand weaving yoga mat Ritual Rug Turquoise

Heart To Heart

The price of The Ritual Rug is a reflection of the care and craft that goes into each and every one. We care about the connection you have to your yoga practice, and as a company adhere to some core beliefs in order to be good stewards on this planet -- both from a humanitarian and environmental perspective.

ma wovens signature heart