Ma Wovens

We are a conscious handwoven goods brand based in Portland, Oregon, and on a mission to build a thoughtful company that celebrates the ancient handcraft of weaving. We design innovative, handwoven goods meant to help us all live a more mindful lifestyle. We're so happy you found us!

This is our founder, Kelly.

Kelly came up with of the idea of weaving with yoga mat material during her yoga teacher training in Mexico. While surrounded by beautiful handwoven goods, immersed in yogic philosophy, and finding herself slipping all over her yoga mat, Kelly couldn’t get the idea of a woven, textured yoga mat out of her mind. Upon returning home from her trip, she enrolled in a weaving class, sliced up her yoga mat, and began making prototypes for what would eventually be come The Ritual Rug.

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Kelly sourcing materials for the Ritual Rug
Woman in Hemp forest
Kelly and master weavers consulting about yoga mat - The Ritual Rug

The Ritual Rug

For thousands of years, yogis have practiced on handwoven rugs, but the modern practitioner desires more functionality from their yoga mat, like cushion, and tackiness. The handwoven process allows us to literally weave together the approaches of the past, with modern materials, creating a highly functional and comfortable, but also incredibly beautiful piece on which to practice yoga, meditation and other forms of ritual, like eating a sandwich ;)

Our weaving partners are GoodWeave International certified, and chosen over hundreds of other manufacturers due our shared values around ethical and environmental compliance. 

Honoring Tradition

The Ritual Rug is ethically handwoven in Northern India, the birthplace of yoga and home to generations of weavers. This ancient craft has withstood the test of time and is widely appreciated in our modern world for so many reasons. Sadly this craft has slowly been disappearing in the wake of modernity, and it is our mission to contribute to keeping the craft alive by illuminating the tradition and collaborating with the weaving communities of the world.