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Ma Wovens is a conscious, woven goods brand. We design innovative, handwoven products that balance form with function, and facilitate a more mindful lifestyle. We place equal emphasis on building healthy relationships with our customers, our manufacturers, and the planet. 

For us, 'Ma' is Mother Nature, as in the mother everyone on the planet shares

 We seek to breathe life into the ancient handcraft of weaving by developing handwoven products that are relevant in the modern world. We choose to have our products handwoven because we truly value the ground-level economical, and environmental benefits of working with artisans.

below is an ever-growing index of materials we use for Ma's products


We source our yarn in Northern China, where the hemp industry has flourished for thousands of years. The Chinese are master hemp growers, and our suppliers are committed to sustainable, organic farming.

"Grown since 800 BC, Hemp is the first plant cultivated for textiles; Hemp is resistant to pests and grows too densely to permit weed growth so it needs no pesticides or herbicides, in fact no chemicals of any kind. It is the strongest natural fiber, naturally antimicrobial and resistant to UV. It is amazingly comfortable, breathable and cool to the touch."
-Hemp Fortex


TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomers: a rubber-like material that combines the characteristics of rubber with the recyclability and processing advantages of plastics.

TPE has become increasingly popular in the yoga mat world as an alternative to PVC rubber mats, primarily for environmental reasons. TPE rubber is non-toxic,  and recyclable. It is also very durable, flexible and lightweight, making it the perfect rubber for our ritual rugs.

below is an ever-growing index of locations we have ties to


Ma's headquarters is in Portland, Oregon where the maker culture is abundant and flourishing. Here, prototypes are made through experimenting with different materials on a floor loom, which are then sent off internationally to be manufactured, also by hand.


The Ritual Rug is produced by a team of highly skilled weavers in India. The studio we work with shares our mission of preserving and perpetuating this amazing craft, which is dwindling due to the demand of faster, cheaper production. This studio facilitates in bridging the worlds of international designers and these highly skilled weavers, facilitating the survival of the industry.