Who Are We?

Ma Wovens is a conscious, woven goods brand based in Portland, Oregon. We design innovative, handwoven products that help us all live a more mindful lifestyle.

We envision a world where intention, mindfulness, connection and beauty are a celebrated and accessible part of everyone’s daily routine.

We are committed to doing things right, and to building strong, lasting relationships with our consumers, our makers, and the planet. We’re so glad you found us.

Origin of The Ritual Rug

Founder, Kelly Peyton was an established painter and muralist from Reno, Nevada when she moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue her MFA in a Bauhaus-inspired program called Applied Craft + Design.

Having loved and practiced yoga for over a decade, Kelly took advantage of the summer break from her MFA to attend a yoga teacher training in her favorite place: Mexico. While struggling to stay focused on her slippery mat, she had an epiphany to create a woven yoga mat: inspired by Mexican handwoven textiles, and the ancient yogic tradition of practicing on rugs.

She returned to Portland, enrolled in a weaving class, bought a floor loom, sliced up her fancy mat and set out on the path to reinvent the yoga mat. One that would allow her to feel more grounded in her practice; something that offered ample comfort, optimal function and simple beauty. Equally important, it was to be lightweight and versatile enough to accompany her throughout her day and on worldly travels.

After years of trial and error, iterations, design tweaks, and LOTS of yoga classes, Kelly finally realized her dream of a handwoven yoga mat. After a trip to India, and hands on collaboration with master weavers, The Ritual Rug was born.

Why Handwoven?

The Ritual Rug is handwoven in Northern India, the birthplace of yoga and home to generations of weavers. Much like the practice of yoga, this ancient craft has withstood the test of time, and still maintains relevance in our modern world.

For thousands of years, yogis practiced on handwoven rugs, but today the modern practitioner desires different function such as cushion, and stickiness. The handwoven process allows us to literally weave together the approaches of the past, with present technologies, creating a highly functional, but also incredibly beautiful piece on which to practice yoga and meditation.

Our weaving partners are GoodWeave International certified, and were hand picked by the founder due to our shared social values and environmental compliance.