Origins of Ma
Kelly, an artist by nature, came up with the idea for The Ritual Rug while doing her yoga teacher training in Mexico. Surrounded by the beautiful handwoven goods, and immersed in yogic philosophy, she couldn't get the idea of a woven yoga mat out of her mind! Upon arriving home, she bought a floor loom, sliced up her yoga mat, and got to work. After countless prototypes, then a trip to India and working hands on with master weavers, The Ritual Rug was born. 
Liz and Kelly serendipitously met in Portland, OR in the Winter of 2019. Liz, a yoga practitioner of nearly 3 decades, as well as certified instructor, fell in love with the concept of The Ritual Rug without even seeing it in person. The two met at a coffee shop one snowy morning in Portland, and the rest was history. 
We’re so happy you found us!
Why Handwoven?
Our mission is to uplift and and breathe life into the wonderful ancient handcraft of weaving, world wide. 
The Ritual Rug is handwoven in Northern India, the birthplace of yoga and home to generations of weavers. Much like the practice of yoga, this ancient craft has withstood the test of time, and is widely appreciated in our modern world. For thousands of years, yogis practiced on handwoven rugs, but today the modern practitioner desires function such as cushion, and tackiness. The handwoven process allows us to literally weave together the approaches of the past, with modernized technologies, creating a highly functional, but also incredibly beautiful piece on which to practice yoga and meditation.
Our weaving partners are GoodWeave International certified, and were hand picked by the founder due to our shared social values and environmental compliance.