Refresh Spray


The Ritual Rug Refresh Spray is the perfect way to keep your rug fresh and clean. You may also spritz the air for a calm and refreshing vibe.

• Easy to use - just spray and wipe clean

• Is naturally antimicrobial and antiviral

• Usable in any room- even as a hand sanitizer!

• Ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, tea tree & essential oils

• 8 oz. with a simple wide-spray nozzle


Color: Fresh Bamboo

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Stephanie Price
Nice and fresh

I debated between the lavender and bamboo scents, ended up with bamboo. Wasn’t sure if I would like the scent or not initially but I sprayed it on my rug before class and I ended up loving the scent! It will be a new scent that I tie to my yoga rituals.

Nazish Muzaffar
Smells beautiful

Absolutely love the smell, my whole room is filled with it. I feel like I walked/meditating in a beautiful garden

eileen young
Refresh Spray

After 15 years of yoga I have purchased probably 100s of yoga mat sprays. The Refresh Spray gives a clean and subdued scent. Love it.

Love at First Try!

I absolutely LOVE my new Ritual Rug yoga mat and Lavender/Mint Refresh Spray! The mat is beautiful, very well made, and it’s perfectly grippy for my yoga practice.

Robin mclaughlin
Love Love Love!

Love everything about this Mat! Especially the peaceful clean feeling the Refrish Spray brings to the room before my practice begins….I spray it on my mat, my props and even in the air! The Lavender Mint goes with me tucked into my mat/bali bag. Both the mat and bag are so light weight I can carry them easily. An amazing innovation. Everything is perfect for me.

what is your ritual