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Color: Turquoise
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A handwoven yoga mat, made one at a time with organic hemp and non-toxic foam. Comfortable, grippy, and oh-so-pretty. From a sweaty practice indoors to sky gazing in the park, The Ritual Rug is your everyday companion.

Taking care of the Ritual Rug is easy: simply spray, wipe it down with a wet rag and hang to dry. Looking for a refresh? Check out our Refresh Spray for a clean and calming scent.

  • 73.5" L x 25.5" W x 5mm
  • Eco-friendly yoga mat foam
  • Sustainably sourced organic hemp
  • Ideal for most yoga and meditation practices
  • Intentional design for optimal grip and cushion
  • Naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean. Check out our Refresh Spray!


Enjoy a 30 day trial period to fall in love with your Ritual Rug. If it's not right for you, no problem- return it with no questions asked.

We offer free shipping one way. If you choose to return your Ritual Rug, we ask you to pay for return shipping. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to anytime. We're here to help and look forward to hearing from you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Comfy, Homey & Gorgeous!

This rug is gorgeously made, the tones match so well with my home aesthetic! It’s super comfortable and grippy, I love that I can hang it up on the wall for decor when not in use!

Ritual rug

This rug is wonderful! I had a hard time with previous mats, but this one is a winner and the only one I will use. I get amazing traction and balance. Thank you for this rug!

I'd give more stars if I could

I've been doing yoga for 15+ years and this is the best mat I've ever tried. By a mile. It is comfortable, flexible, beautiful, and so lightweight. I really don't understand how it feels so thick without being squishy but also gives me great contact with the ground. It gets better the sweatier it gets, too! It's a little wider and longer than average, which I love. It is truly the best part of my yoga ritual. Thank you!!!

I love it!

It was even better than expected. It is far more cushiony on my knees without being bulky.

Love my Ritual Rug

Beautiful, lightweight, and no-slip! I have tried many yoga mats over the years and this is the first one that my hands and feet don’t slip on. My studio has a polished cement floor so I was worried that the bottom wouldn’t be sticky enough, but so far I’ve had no mat movement. Love the hemp rug part as well - although time will tell how long it holds up. I’ve already had many fellow teachers and students ask me about it. Definitely recommend this mat!

More than Beautiful

Yes, it grips. The moisture-activated texture helps keep your slippery hands and feet in place, even in the sweatiest yoga classes.


No Questions Asked

- The Ritual Rug takes some getting used to which is why we offer a risk-free 30 day trial period.

- 2 year warranty for rug durability. Does not include damaged or stolen rugs.


Easy to Clean

after use, simply spray down your rug with our delicious smelling Ritual Rug Refresh spray.

Add spray


A piece of art

This simple bamboo tapestry hanger elevates your Ritual Rug to a wall decoration. Hanging your rug will keep it fresh and also entice you to use it even more!

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Where Ever You Go

This beautiful, versatile, durable rattan basket bag is handwoven in Bali and perfect your Ritual Rug, the farmers market, the beach and beyond.

Add Bali Bag


Handwoven in India

Our manufacturers are GoodWeave certified, ensuring no child labor, fair wages, a safe working environment, and environmental standards. Learn more.


Sustainable Materials

Our founder personally vetted the materials we use, so we know exactly what is going into our products and into your hands. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1. How do I clean The Ritual Rug?

    The Ritual Rug is super easy to care for: after practice, simply hang to air dry. Freshen up by spot cleaning with cold water or spritz with our scented Refresh Spray. For a deeper clean, hand wash or use the gentle cycle with cold water and delicate soap.

  • 2. Will The Ritual Rug work for my practice?

    Yes! Whether your practice is sweaty and vigorous, or more gentle and meditative, The Ritual Rug will provide you comfort, support, absorption and traction.

  • 3. Does the rug have cushion?

    Yes! The Ritual Rug has 5mm thick foam woven throughout the whole rug, offering ample cushion.

  • 4. Is there a top and bottom side to the rug?

    Yes, the bottom side of The Ritual Rug has a wavy pattern on the TPE foam. You may also notice that there’s more exposed TPE on the bottom side- we did that intentionally to keep your rug grounded and in place.