3 Easy Ways To Create A Meditation Space That Inspires

If you’ve ever meditated with any regularity, chances are you’ve experienced some of the benefits of the practice; from healthier stress management, decreased reactivity, or improved mood. Over the long term, numerous studies shows that people who meditate are happier, healthier, and more successful than those who don’t. If we want to strengthen our meditation practice consistency is key, but carving out the time and space in our lives can be a hurdle.

"There are so many obstacles involved with meditation, a dedicated space moves some of them out of the way,” says Ralph De La Rosa, author of the forthcoming book The Monkey Is the Messenger: Meditation and What Your Busy Mind Is Trying to Tell You. “We know when we engage with a habit with consistency, the brain gets the message and sinks into it more easily. If you sit down in the same place at or around the same time, your body and neural network will learn this is when we do that thing where we calm down for a while and go within."

A mediation space can be as simple as a corner of your bedroom or a comfortable chair by a window in your living room. It’s not the size of the space, but the intention for it that can make the biggest impact. Here’s three hacks for creating an inviting space to support your practice …

Make It Comfortable

The key component of a meditation space is a comfortable seat. Most people practice in a traditional cross legged position but other bodies might prefer a chair with an erect back. A meditation cushion, rug or mat, such as The Grounding Rug, sheepskin, or any combination of the above make for a comfortable base that will support your form, which along with breath, is the basis of your practice.

Keep It Clutter-Free

As the maxim goes, “cluttered house, cluttered mind.” Clutter can increase stress levels by creating visual chaos and disrupting a person's sense of control over their environment. Your meditation space should signal to your brain that this a place for a calm body and a clear mind, so keep it clear of any clutter that could distract or disrupt your peace.

Bring In Beauty

While the only real necessity in your meditation corner is a comfortable seat in a cleared space, fresh flowers, a candle, crystals, or other aesthetic and sensory elements can improve your association with the space and increase the appeal to sit.

While mediation is accessible to anyone, anywhere, a dedicated meditation space can lower barriers to your daily practice, and in turn, support your inner peace.

The Ritual Rug is the perfect tool to create space for your practice, whether at home or on-the-go.



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