Meet Abbi Miller, Holistic Business Coach

Every month we will share with you a Muse. Someone we know, maybe personally, maybe not, who we think is the sh*t.

Our Muses are from different backgrounds, with different stories to tell. But they all have one thing in common - they inspire us to live with intention and remind us that, despite the crazy world we are living in, there is also SO MUCH GOOD out there.

Our first Muse is Holistic Business + Nutrition Coach Abbi Miller. Abbi is an Austin-based “yoga-teacher-turned-productivity-preacher” who helps movers, shakers, entrepreneurs and makers get hecka healthy -- body, mind, biz and bank. 

We love Abbi's humor, her positivity, her business vibes and her ability to balance a bunch of bananas on her head (see below...). And the Ma team has firmly adopted Abbi's belief that our wellness habits fuel our business mojo - thanks Abbi! Okay, let's do this...

What is your personal mission statement, and how is this manifested in the work you do?

The mission of my work is to support entrepreneurs so they can approach work from a sacred place, dodge burnout and get the good shit done. This is manifested in my online Biz Babes Unite!™ Mastermind Circles as well as in-person Ceremonies and private Holistic Business Coaching. I'm all about meeting others at the intersection of wellness & business, so they can weave their values into their work.  Abbi Miller Abbi Miller Holistic Business Coach

If you could name 3 things that help you stay motivated, positive, and feel a sense of achievement day-to-day, what would those things be?

  1. Bringing ritual into my work! I've created a method for self-bossing called the Monday Magic Method™ that is all about weaving your annual goals into daily actions, harnessing the power of both your menstrual & the lunar cycles as guidance for how to prioritize your to-dos each week, and a general technique for doing more of what matters, first. It's been a game-changer for me in not getting overwhelmed and finding a sustainable work rhythm!
  2. Movement! Yoga, HIIT, hiking, dance, moving my body is a total non-negotiable even at 6 months pregnant!
  3. Connection. My friends and family are so integral to my mental and emotional health. We thrive together! 

Abbi Miller Ritual Rug Ma Wovens

Abbi Miller Ritual Rug Ma WovensAbbi in Morocco

As a holistic business and wellbeing coach, do you see a common thread between your client's aspirations and struggles?

I think our greatest strength is often our greatest weakness. Some of us love the ideation phase of business (or creating anything, really!). I often find that those with the best ideas have a harder time with maintenance. Abbi Miller InstagramFollow Abbi on Instagram

There are so many quotes about how the real work is the sustaining of our creations, the selling of our work, the showing up even when we don't feel like it. I find that my yoga practice of 17+ years has been such a HUGE support for me as a biz owner and coach. We must get acquainted with the discomfort of showing up when we don't feel sparkly, of practicing when we feel a bit tired, of diving into work when we feel lackluster. Sometimes, it is simply by showing up that the muse appears!  What is your personal quote of the day?

"Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing." —Laurie Buchanan


Abbi Miller Greece

Pictures from Abbi's most recent retreat in Greece

What is the number one book you would recommend someone who is trying to live a more mindful lifestyle?

Ooooh, hardest question EVER! My first thought isn't a book -- it's meditation! That said, I love the Four Agreements. I read it over 10 years ago and still think about it! (I've been super into reading, here are the 40 books I read this year.) Yoga class Greece Abbi Miller Abbi Miller yoga

Pictures from Abbi's most recent retreat in Greece

What is your favorite ritual? How did you develop it, and what does it mean to you?

Probably my mornings! I love waking up and having extra time to be mindful - make the bed, drink tea, brush teeth, sit with my partner in meditation and if there's time, either reading or going for a walk. These things all light me up and supercharge my day! 

abbi miller

Feeling inspired? Find out more about Abbi here.

Friends of Ma can get 20% off Abbi's Monday Magic method using the code MAWOVENS. Find out more here.

Photo credits to Andrea Larson.

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