Mother Nature, Our Muse

Good day! This is Kelly- founder of Ma Wovens. 

Happy Earth Day! Our name, Ma, is short for Mother Nature. You know, the Ma every human on this planet shares. So needless to say, we're huge fans of Earth Day (it's the 50th anniversary TODAY!). My goal in starting this company was to create a healthy relationship between our consumers, the makers we work with, and the planet.

There's a LOT going on in the world today.

With the pandemic forcing many of us to stay home, this slowing down has also, apparently, given the earth a much needed break from the pollution and degradation that is a result of our bustling lifestyles. This has me recognizing the areas I can improve my relationship to the environment, and just how do-able it is. 

I've used less than a quarter tank of gas in my car over the last two months, and I just LOVE that!

It gets me thinking, as crazy as it sounds, what if I make intentions now to apply some of the things I'm doing out of circumstance in quarantine to my post-quarantine-life (whenever that will be...)? For instance, choosing to take an hour long "stroll" to the grocery store (and loving/ appreciating/ soaking up every minute of it), rather than speeding there in my car and trying to finish the task as quickly as possible... (oh, is that just me?)

What I'm getting at is, my eyes are opening up to the possibility of change for the better.

With the buzzing of cars minimized, the airplanes grounded, and the world moving slower in general, maybe Mother Nature can hear us better now more than ever. If you could write her a letter... what would you tell her? 

Please join us this Saturday, April 25th from 10- 11:30 am PST as we bring our community together for a virtual yoga meditation class. Together, we will send out love letters to Ma, and set intentions for building a healthier, more sustainable relationship with her now and beyond. 

This Zoom class is $10, and all proceeds will be donated to

Sign up HERE.

Painting by Hilda Palafox 



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