Reflections from the Founder

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!! It’s Kelly, the founder of Ma Wovens popping in to say hello as we celebrate our birthday (both mine, and Ma’s!)

On January 3rd, 2018, it was my 30th birthday and I was sitting in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon staring at my computer with a website pulled up. The site, was just about finished up and ready to go! But I was hesitating… I just felt so unsure; unsure of whether the site was perfect enough, unsure of whether anyone wanted to buy a Ritual Rug at all, and unsure of when The Ritual Rugs were even going to arrive in Oregon from India… Well, I thought, I might as well just put it out there and see what happens. 

So, I pushed “publish site,” and made a hopeful announcement to my instagram followers. I sold 10 rugs on my first day, and the elation this brought me was the validation I needed to recognize that this was an endeavor worthy of pursuing. Sure, the site had some hiccups, the original Ritual Rug design needed tweaking, and I stumbled and fumbled through that first year in so many ways… but what I got to learn is that EVERYTHING is figure-outtable (the most precious lesson a la Brene Brown.)

The Ritual Rug prototype
[holding up a Ritual Rug prototype before heading to India]

We are closing up year 3 and I’ve got to say, I could never have imagined the magical possibilities that would unfold from choosing to push “publish” before I felt ready.

SO, It’s 2021!!! What dreams have YOU been putting off because you don’t quite feel ready? Here’s the catch, YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO FEEL FULLY READY TO START SOMETHING NEW, but I can’t encourage you enough to just START. I promise you, the blessings will certainly out weigh the challenges. 

With so much gratitude and love,



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