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Rituals on the Rug - ACE

Meet ACE


Alicia "ACE" Easter, is a Los Angeles, CA based yoga, meditation, and reiki healer. 


As a member of the Motherless Daughter Club, ACE was faced with an undeniable grief after losing her mother, which led her to the healing practice of yoga. After a deep dive into yogic practices and studies, ACE realized how yoga had saved her life. ACE is here to share her gifts of empowerment and mindfulness with the world. She teaches yoga and meditation courses, locally and online, and honors every moment guiding her students. 


She recently launched I AM Candle Collection (@i_am_candles_by_ace). This candle collection is a symbol of her journey with affirmations such as I AM FREE. A resident of North Hollywood, CA with her to Guru Cats, Sir Reggie and Lady Bell, she is most proud of her laugh, essence of love, and willingness to always seek the sun. 

Why do you do yoga?
I practice because if I didn’t almost 15 yrs ago, I’m not sure I’d be here today. I’ve been embodying aspects of yoga before I knew what they were. It has truly been a lifesaver for me and I enjoyed learning more and about different teachings.
Why do you think it's the remedy, the ritual? 
It never changes, but you do. It’s constant, present, honest, and healthy. It’s the tough love we sometimes need to keep going. That is yoga. That is why the ritual of the practice is in itself all you need. Breathe...that is Yoga. If you never do a headstand or touch your toes, fine, as long as you are breathing you can and are doing yoga.
How can ritual help others live their best life?
Ritual helps move pain out of the body. You show up, earnestly, then the ritual is there for you. It’s a relationship that is being created. When I first got my Ma Wovens Ritual Rug, I thought I needed padding under it, etc. Liz, Ma Wovens Co-Founder told me to give it time so we can, the rug and I, can get to know each other without interference. I said, "Ok," and she was correct. There’s a bonding that’s happened and it’s my go to yoga mat for all things. Unless, I have to use a different mat, the Ritual Rug is it! And if I hadn’t given myself time to get to know the rug and it get to know me (just like yoga) I would have missed out on a lot and a big lesson in patience. Yoga and having a tool kit of rituals have taught me two very important things: never give up and it’s never too late to affirm who you are and who you hope to become. 

You can learn more about ace at and @aceyogala on Instagram. 

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