Rituals on the Rug- Jerrelle Wilson

Meet Jerrelle Wilson

"My goal currently is to be a bridge that connects multiple cultures and shows that we all have a space on the mat."
This workshop is an opportunity to meet on The Ritual Rug and establish a connection with the inner self. My personal practice is a combination of meditation, movement and journaling. All 3 of these aspects will be explored with a small meditation at the beginning of the practice, moving to 7 poses that will align our chakras and then a few writing prompts to go over what we experience from the mediation and movements. The class will end with an open dialogue about how we can expand our practice on and off the mat.
My name is Jerrelle Wilson but I also go by Jerreal Flow. This name is a symbol of not only how I teach but also how I live my life. I find it imperative to teach students the real things about yoga. As I teach students about alignment, breath and postures I also teach them about the flow of life inside and outside of class. As a black man who was raised playing football, running track and doing everything besides dynamic stretching, it surprised it me how much I loved yoga. Yoga has given me the opportunity to showcase that you can break the mold with consistency and dedication. I want to share the opportunity with the world.
I finished my first teacher training in 2015 at I AM YOGA Wellness in Turlock CA. It was here that I learned about hatha, vinyasa, restorative techniques and how in-depth yoga can be. I would soon move to San Diego and begin truly learning how to teach.
In 2018 I had the opportuinty to do a 300 hr teacher training in Bali, Indonesia. This training was immersive and taught me more about the subtleties of teaching and the differences between yoga and building a foundation on mobility and strength.
Combining all of these trainings over the years has given me a unique perspective on how to teach and apply it individually to each student. Thank you for allowing me to create a space for you to grow and connect with your breath, body and mind
My goal currently is to be a bridge that connects multiple cultures and shows that we all have a space on the mat. Yoga is such a powerful wellness tool that i feel should be accessible to all people because of its ability to heal generationally.
Find Jerelle on Instagram @jerreal_flow

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