Rituals on the Rug with Ra Vuyi Qubeka

We're elated to bring a global presence to Rituals on the Rug, hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, meet Ra Vuyi Qubeka. Vuyi will be leading a ritual titled, "Tending to the Inner Alter by Cultivating a Relationship with Water." Join us Saturday, October 24th to learn a new perspective about not only water, but how in essence we are water. This ritual focuses on honoring the self. 

Vuyi states, "There have never been more people on the planet as there are today. Yet, a staggering number of us feel lonely, struggle with our mental health, and grapple with nurturing a deeper connection with spirit. Too many among us are disillusioned by religion and struggle to make sense and cultivate our own versions of what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience in relationship with the creator, the great spirit, or source." 

Told and anchored through a traditional African folklore, Ra Vuyi Qubeka will take us through the qualities and wisdoms of the element of water as an act of Tending the Inner Alter towards strengthening our relationship with self, and thus with all that is.  

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