The Intention Behind The Grounding Rug

We are so excited to announce the launch our latest product to inspire a mindful lifestyle; The Grounding Rug. We caught up with Ma's founder, Kelly, to learn more about the inspiration and intention behind the design. 

What inspired the Grounding Rug?

The Grounding Rug was inspired by you, our customers! We kept on receiving feedback about how much our customers were loving The Ritual Rug, not only as a yoga mat, but as a rug in their home. This got us thinking about creating a product sized for the home, but with the same intentionality behind it as The Ritual Rug. The result is The Grounding Rug, which is made out of the same sustainable materials as The Ritual Rug - organic hemp and non-toxic TPE foam - and is designed to inspire mindfulness in our daily routines. 

How is it intended to be used? 

The Grounding Rug is ideal for any location in your home where you tend to stand for a longer period of time. The 6mm foam provides a pleasing cushion that is both comfortable and grounding. Our favorite place for The Grounding Rug is in front of the kitchen or bathroom sink, but we also love it underfoot when working at a stand up desk. The Grounding Rug is also the perfect product to stylishly upgrade your at-home meditation station.

Why are mindfulness practices so important and how can tools such as The Grounding Rug support them? 

Being "mindful" is essentially the opposite of being mindless, or absent-minded. The whole premise of "mindfulness" is about slowing down and becoming conscious of our thoughts throughout our day. 

When we envision people using The Grounding Rug while performing their everyday tasks such as brushing their teeth or washing the dishes, we see them inspired to use the moment to slow down and observe their thoughts. Is there any negative self talk, or fearful thinking? If so, consider counteracting these thoughts with a deep inhale and exhale and focus on grounding your feet into the cushiony rug supporting you. 

Any other tips for inspiring mindfulness amidst the daily routine? 

One of my favorite ways to practice mindfulness throughout my day is to practice "box breathing" while I'm doing an activity where my thoughts might otherwise wander. Box breathing is where you inhale, pause, exhale, and pause for the same count, for example, 4 seconds each. Try and challenge yourself to keep up your box breathing until you're finished with your dishes, and boom! You've just completed a mini-meditation, and your nervous system will love you for it! 

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