A Totally Unique, Patented Design

Did you know The Ritual Rug is a patented design?

The unique functional and aesthetic components of The Ritual Rug are so original that we were able to secure a patent, ensuring the one and only Ritual Rug will only ever be made by Ma Wovens. 

You're probably wondering what about The Ritual Rug makes it so special! 

The goal in designing The Ritual Rug was to make a yoga mat that was not only durable, versatile and slip-free, but also sustainable. The materials that make up The Ritual Rug are non-toxic, biodegradable, naturally antimicrobial, and eco-friendly.

The Ritual Rug is the only yoga rug that uses non-toxic TPE foam, combined with organic hemp and the original rug design took over 3 years to develop, through rigorous trial and error. After the rug developed into a solid prototype, the sample was then placed in the hands of master weavers in India, who were able to take the structural aspects of the rug to the next level. 

The placement of the TPE strips throughout the rug was our biggest design problem to solve. The question was- how large should the strips? And, how far apart should they be placed in regards to our need for cushion and grip? Another thought to consider was, how do we use as little of the synthetic material (TPE foam), and as much of the organic hemp as possible? The design we landed with uses 33% less of the synthetic material than a typical yoga mat, AND offers both traction and ample cushion!

The placement of the strips was also very important for sweatier practices, as there needed to be enough hemp throughout the rug to absorb your sweat while you practice, and prevent sliding around. Where the original Ritual Rug design looked quite a bit different than our current rug, over time with helpful and honest feedback from our customers, we were able to establish a design that was simple, beautiful, yet highly functional. We were then able to patent this entirely unique design! Which, of course, took yet another 2.5 years to accomplish ;)




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