Rituals Not Resolutions with Essence of shErOcksYoga

At the start of the new year, we like to turn our refections and intentions towards rituals instead of resolutions. We caught up with Essence, a yoga practitioner of over 20 years who embodies living life fully while motivating others to do the same, to explore the theme further. 

Is rituals instead of resolutions an important difference, and why? 
Absolutely. When I think of resolutions, I think of commitment without flexibility, firmness without softness. Rituals stem from the root of our ancestors, it’s about creating a habitual connection toward new grooves with your soul each day, week or month and learning what works and what doesn’t. Setting the intention to move slowly and without rush toward a new rhythm of life for yourself. It’s devotion to you and it takes time..
What intentions do you have for supportive practices in 2022?
I honestly did not set any specific 2022 intentions ... I’m truly allowing space for flOw. That’s what feels supportive to me right now. Knowing that all is in alignment even when it feels or looks like it’s not. My most supportive vibration recently has been to stay open, grateful and to call in joy and pleasure no matter what. 
What will you be letting go of, or cutting out in your life in the new year?
Hmmmmm…. the idea that we should not have expectation. Seems unrealistic. Humans are so transactional, whether it’s through love, money or things. When we give, we receive something. When we receive, it’s respectful to at least give gratitude. So I’m releasing “not having expectation” for the understanding  that life is a karmic dance of what you put out into the Universe is usually returned to you is some magical way. I expect when I pray, all the powers that be are listening, receiving and will most definitely communicate with me. 
What tools or teachings will support you in this?
Patience. Being patient within the space and time of my expectations. Being patient in knowing that what I expect may or may not arrive to me in the ways I anticipated and that’s aight.
What would you recommend to others seeking to invite more daily supportive rituals into their lives?
I recommend choosing things that are realistic. Not to be confused with not dreaming big….and instead being aware that even your wildest dreams require baby steps and making sure you welcome small bits at a time to not overwhelm your schedule, mind or spirit with the impossible. As you invite new rituals, you want to be sure you can fully embrace and maintain them.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Yes, two things I practice living by and I hope these reminders resonate with you.
You’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be.
Nothing enters or exits a closed door, heart or mind.

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