Thank You Yoga Journal!

We are so excited that Yoga Journal featured us in their May- June 2020 creativity issue!!! 

"Roll out this handwoven hemp rug anywhere for an impromptu practice on its comfortable and grippy surface. By mixing practicality with artistry, it’s inspired us to take our yoga to new levels—and locales!" 

See the entire article here. 

The theme of the issue is "Creativity," which is pretty fitting for The Ritual Rug, since it is the product of an artist. Yep, The Ritual Rug was developed while Kelly, our founder, was in a Master of Fine Arts program. While her background was in painting, she couldn't get the idea of a handwoven yoga mat out of her mind, and decided to take a stab at a weaving class. The creative juices immediately started to flow, and she sliced up her yoga mat, and years later, The Ritual Rug came to fruition. 


Just to top it all off, the cover of the issue features some of the most incredible writers, Jen Pastiloff and Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love, and most fittingly, Big Magic, a book that is a literal pep talk on how to foster, nurture, and express creatively in this world without getting in your own way. The interview with the two writers inquires about creativity in their lives: 

Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity in Yoga Journal: 

"Creativity itself is a gift of love for you, and it loves you, and it wants to play with you, and it wants to communicate with you, and it wants you to be happy and it will make you happy."

Jen Pastiloff on creativity in Yoga Journal:

"...all we need to be creative, is to create."

Read the entire article here.




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